Short course - Community Guided Archetype Toolkit

Short course - Community Guided Archetype Toolkit

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Unlock the power of Community Guided Archetypes in your community through a powerful train-the-trainer e-learning module, facilitator guide and practical community activities.
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What’s included for $2,499

  • A empathy-focused Community Guided Archetype e-learning module detailing practical activities to change community behaviour
  • A facilitator slide-deck and notes for facilitating synchronous sessions
  • Elearning activities for Community Guided community members

Optional (at additional cost)

  • Customise content and branding
  • Embed and link existing community resources
  • Facilitation by ClimateThrive

What this resource covers

This e-learning resource will give you a deep-dive understanding into the group that often makes up the largest cohort in most communities, called the ‘Community Guided’ (as termed by Dr Ken Strahan in his bushfire archetype research).
By concentrating on this group, the training will help you to:
  • understand the bushfire self-evacuation archetype research
  • empathise with and understand the Community Guided archetype, including the reasons behind their actions, emotions, decisions and values
  • step into the shoes of a Community Guided archetype - specifically Jade, a resident of Diamond Creek
  • understand behavioural science and behavioural design
  • explore the ClimateThrive Community Guided behaviour change journey
  • explore the specific learning activities nested inside the behaviour change journey and how to best deliver them to your Community Guided residents
After undertaking this module you will be able to tailor your community education and messaging for higher behaviour change impact.
Then, as an empowered facilitator in your community, you will be equipped with more skills and understanding to lead your community to becoming better bushfire-prepared this season, potentially saving lives.

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