Helping Australians thrive in a changing climate.

ClimateThrive is a behaviour change consultancy that creates climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions to build resilient and thriving communities.

🤔 Why behaviour change?

At the end of the day, a brighter future all comes down to human behaviour. As policy trickles down from government and organisations to communities, households, and individuals, we play a pivotal role in translating the latest research into action. That’s why we co-design impactful solutions to meet a range of policy goals, creating a better future for all.

🤝 Mitigation and adaptation

At Climate Thrive, we recognise that climate change mitigation and adaptation are not mutually exclusive. Many actions offer co-benefits, addressing the needs of both. For example, while planting trees help in providing shade and adapting to extreme heat, they also serve as a crucial tool for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.

🌱 Why work with us?

We can help you save money! In fact, every $1 spent on climate adaptation saves $4 in recovery. Prepared communities have stronger social bonds and bounce back faster in the aftermath of a disaster.

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