Game based climate adaptation planning

Game based climate adaptation planning

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Regional Climate Change Adaptation Strategies (RASs) are five-year practical strategies developed by the community to address the unique challenges and opportunities that climate change brings to Victoria’s regions and guide locally relevant practical action.
Themes in the strategies include:
  • preparing for and recovering from emergencies
  • caring for the natural environment
  • improving health and wellbeing
  • strengthening the economy and workforce
  • improving resilience of our built environment
  • embracing renewable energy.
That’s why we’re revolutionising climate adaptation planning with an innovative approach inspired by tabletop role-playing games. Get ready to embark on an epic quest for community resilience like never before!

How It Works

🗺️ Map Your Community: Each participant receives a map to mark their homes and key locations, providing a visual representation of the community landscape.
🎲 Place Your Tokens: Players are equipped with tokens representing various climate scenarios, from flood risks to wildfires and evacuation routes, setting the stage for dynamic gameplay.
🔥 Simulate Scenarios: Dive into immersive simulations of climate scenarios, navigating challenges such as road closures, disruptions in food systems, power outages, and extreme weather events.
🤝 Collaborative Planning: Engage in collaborative problem-solving as players work together to devise innovative solutions to potential challenges, fostering teamwork and community empowerment.

Why It Matters

By gamifying adaptation planning, we unlock creativity, foster collaboration, and make resilience planning accessible and engaging for all community members.

Ready to Level Up?

Are you prepared to embark on a climate resilience quest like never before? Reach out to us at to level up your community's resilience planning today.

What's next?

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