E-learning resources tailored to your unique bushfire preparedness levels

E-learning resources tailored to your unique bushfire preparedness levels

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May 31, 2023
Rachael Vorwerk
Interactive e-learning resources to better prepare Australians for bushfires
From quizzes and conversation starters to Q&A with a firefighter, the FireThrive team created tailored interactive education resources to help Australians better prepare for bushfires.

Challenge statement

When it comes to bushfire education for Australians, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach.
We need education resources that are tailored to each communities’ unique needs, no matter where they are in their bushfire preparedness journey.

What the client wanted

Resilience NSW wanted online e-learning resources tailored to the unique bushfire preparedness archetype in Australia. The seven archetypes are like ‘personality types’ for bushfire preparedness based on Dr Ken Strahan’s research.
Using these segmented audiences would allow messaging to be tailored to each persons’ level of bushfire preparedness, depending on their unique archetype.
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The FireThrive team created 13 e-learning resources that included:
  • drag-and-drop exercises to test your responsibilities in a bushfire
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  • quizzes that test how much you know about surviving a bushfire
  • simulation activities that test how prepared you are with hypothetical situations
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  • conservation starters to encourage dialogue with other community members about preparedness behaviours and evacuation plan
  • Q&A audio resources with a firefighter that gives tips on the emergency services’ responsibilities, versus a community members’ responsibility
  • Fillable and downloadable contact list to prioritise a persons’ most important contacts in bushfire evacuation
A third-party study run by RMIT University found that XX people engaged with these resources.

Try one of our tailored e-learning resources!

Contact us today

We know how to create behaviour change campaigns for each archetype.
So if you’re interested in our e-learning resources, contact us today at hello@climatethrive.com. We are very passionate about this and would love to chat.


The nitty gritty details

Step 1: Gathering the data
  • The team worked closely with social science researcher Dr Ken Strahan to translate his research into a usable tool for bushfire-prone residents called How prepared are you for a bushfire? (learn more about that project here).
  • Through workshops, we worked through Ken’s seven bushfire evacuee ‘personality types’ and identified each archetypes’ most immediate point of improvement
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Step 2: Developing educational resources
  • For each of the seven archetypes’ unique points of improvement we created different educational resources to match.
  • These educational resources ranged from a Q&A with a firefighter to learn about responsibilities, hypothetical scenarios, a conversation starter, and fillable forms that could be downloaded to create a contact list.
Step 3: Building the e-learning resources
  • Our learning designer Danielle Teychenne, and user experience developer Dan Steen, created templates in the e-learner software called Adapt
  • Dan Steen created the imagery found in each e-learning resource, created to specifically match each archetype.
Step 4: Embedding the e-learning resource into an archetype-specific email campaign
  • Specifically identifying each archetypes’ unique user journey, the team mapped which e-learning resource should fit where
  • Residents in NSW who had completed the How prepared are you for a bushfire? quiz received specific e-learning resources in their email inbox, specifically tailored to their archetype
Active Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs): Goal 4: Quality Education Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

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